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About us

Sakun’s mission is to provide convenience to the families of the deceased by taking all their worries of funeral related arrangements into our own hands.
We understand your state of grief and arranging funeral services should be the last thought in your mind. Hence, we provide top notch services so that everyone can stick together on such difficult occasion.

Sakun takes a holistic approach when it comes to providing funeral related services. Our services cater all the needs that can occur during and after an individual’s death, thus, we aim to provide “Sakun” to the deceased families on every stage.

Why People Choose us!

At times of deaths, the people arranging the funeral are not aware of the procedures, hence, there is a struggle to arrange everything from different service provides. People choose us because we provide all of those services under one roof. Therefore, the person responsible for arranging all the services does not need to talk to different vendor when everything is done by us.

The quality of service provided currently to the deceased family is often not up to the mark as someone would have expected, that is because everything is done at the moment and vendors often over charge the people taking advantage of their situation. We provide a high quality service with standard rates that are relatively cheaper than the overall market. To know more about us mail us.