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Ambulance Services

ambulance services

Currently, only 4.1% of the patients coming to the major Eds in Pakistan use ambulance services. These mostly consist of the elderly echelons of the society as well as the faction that has attained serious injuries. 

Sakun is also providing ambulance services.

The low utilization rate of ambulances in Pakistan is attributable to many factors such as lack of time management on part of the ambulance staff, derogatory operating conditions of the vehicles, poorly equipped transportation facilities, lack of proficient staff, and lack of pre-hospital care, all of which breed a lack of trust in the EMS System.

Aspiring to become positive trendsetters, this is precisely the dilemma that we aim to counter. We recognize the need for the establishment of pre-hospital emergency services, which encompass the provision of patient monitoring devices, basic and advanced life support as well as trained paramedics in accordance with the availability of resources.

Our word is our bond and we strive to fully uphold the virtue of time management. Apart from arriving on time, our ambulances operate in mint and pristine condition. They are state-of-the-art Ambulances.

To make things even better, we charge a fixed rate from our customers for availing our transportation amenities. 

Normally, in this field, owing to the gravity of the situation, people are often exploited by the ambulance personnel whose inelastic cost structures seek to exploit them at such critical and bleak stages of existence.