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Burial Services

burial services

We strive to provide effective burial services that leave no stone unturned in encompassing the Islamic methodology.

Additionally, Sakun also equip our clientele with transportation facilities from the residential complexes to the respective graveyards. Burial is the last step in the funeral process that will be performed.

The depth of the grave should be deep and wide and well prepared. Burial comprises of the following steps, conducted in sequence:

• Men are only allowed to place the dead body in the grave.
• It is preferable that the feet of the body are placed inside the grave first.
• The body is placed on its right side while it is facing Qiblah.
• At the time of inserting the body in the grave, a short prayer is offered.
• After that, dirt is thrown on the grave.
• After the burial, the grave is raised above the ground level.
• Placing a stone on the grave to recognize it is as a grave is also a Sunnah.
• After the body is buried, Dua is offered for the deceased person