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Gusul Services

gusul services

Sakun is specialize in providing top-notch Gusul services that conform to the specifications and procedures, outlined by the Sunnah. These services vary for men and women and can be provided at the person’s doorstep.

We have also assembled special gusul kits that can be availed as well. The process comprises of the following steps, conducted in rational sequence and chronological order:

• The body is laid down and its garments are loosened.
• For maintaining the privacy of the body, it is covered with a piece of cloth from all sides.
• Stomach is pressed to expel any remains inside the body.
• Washing of the body is started from the right side.
• In the case of women, hairs are also washed properly.
• Cloth is used for cleaning and washing of the body and is disposed of after the process is completed.
• Whudu of the body is done as a last step.
• Perfume is sprayed after the whole process has been executed.