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Janaza Prayer Services


Janaza prayer services are one of our most focal avenues of operation. The methodology varies as per the sect and we arrange clerics accordingly. They are experienced professionals who will conduct the funeral prayers by following the stipulated regulations based on the outlines of the deceased person’s sect.

The following steps are conducted in chronological order when it comes to offering the Janaza Prayer:

• An odd number of rows are maintained during the offering of the funeral prayer.
• Body is placed in the direction of Qiblah in front of the Imam.
• There is no Azaan or Iqamah for this prayer.
• No ruku or sajood is involved in the funeral prayer.
• Four takbirat are included in this prayer.
• Salam is done while standing.
• Last but not least, Dua is offered by Imam for the deceased.

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